Rachel joined the Bourne2Care team at the beginning of 2021 to provide business support to Diane to allow her to spend more time supporting menopausal women.

Rachel has a background in Operational Management within a variety of large corporate organisations within the private sector and has held roles including ICT and Customer Service Director for the UK’s largest privately owned recruitment company and Aviation Services Manager for British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

In 2020 after taking a career break to raise her family she founded Done Virtually, her own professional services company providing a range of business support services to organisations across the UK allowing them to achieve more by removing the day to day operational requirements.

With her business thriving with the support Rachel provides, Diane describes Rachel as her Fairy Godmother.

Rachel lives in Worcestershire with her family and dog and loves spending time with her family exploring the surrounding countryside. She also loves shoes, handbags, gin and is an experienced Lego builder, courtesy of her son.