Many women have lots of questions about booking a private menopause consultation. I hope these FAQs will explain our menopause services and how we can help you.

How do I book a consultation with you?

You can contact us directly; you don’t need a referral from your GP. The best way to book a consultation with us is via email to We aim to answer all emails within 48 hours.

What does booking an appointment involve?

A pre-consultation form will be emailed to you and once completed and reviewed an appointment can be reserved. An invoice will be provided and once this is paid your appointment is confirmed. We will then email you advising what additional information we will need for your consultation.

How much are private online consultations and what do I get from it?

Your online consultation is for 1 hour and is £185.

As a health professionals we will listen to you, discuss how your menopause symptoms and worries are affecting your health, discuss lifestyle matters such as weight management, health screening and medications.

We will also talk about HRT and how to take it. We are able to prescribe HRT, and order it on your behalf from a pharmacy which can be delivered to your door within 36 hours.

We will write to your GP (sent by email) and provide you with a copy of the letter along with literature on menopause and HRT and we will review you via email approximately 6 weeks after your initial consultation.

Can I be prescribed Testosterone?

Yes, however you will need Venous blood tests before it is prescribed and while you are taking it. The blood tests that are required are: Total Testosterone, Oestradiol.

If your GP is unable to provide these tests Bourne2Care can arrange for them to be completed for you at a local clinic. Tests will also include a test for Oestradiol. The cost of a private blood test is £139.

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that results are sent to Bourne2care for review at least 14 days prior to your consultation.

I’m worried about online consultations; how do they work?

Once your booking is confirmed we will provide you with detailed information about your appointment and will ask you to download a free app to your mobile phone. At the time of your appointment, we will email you a safe link for the consultation to start. If for any reason this doesn’t suit you, we can discuss alternative methods.

Do you have a clinic I can visit you in?

We have private menopause clinics in Worcestershire, Shropshire, and The Cotswolds. Appointments start from £219. For more information about these clinics and availability please email

If this is a private service can I still see my GP?

Yes, absolutely. We aim to support you alongside your GP. Together we can work to support you and provide the best advice, treatment and medications. With your consent we write to your GP explaining how we have supported you and any HRT we have prescribed. You may need tests or investigations which your GP could arrange for you.

Can I just see you? Will you support me and my menopause long term?

We can support you long term. Many women feel more comfortable talking to us and know we understand menopause. However, we work alongside your GP and it is important you discuss your menopause health with your GP too. All review appointments are for 30 minutes and we can prescribe HRT.

Are you qualified to help me?

Yes. I am a Registered Nurse and have worked within the NHS for over 30 years. I have been a senior nurse for 18 years and I prescribe medications including HRT as a non-medical prescriber. I am a member of the British Menopause Society; The International Menopause Society and I have formal qualifications in many aspects of menopause. I am registered with the Royal College of Nursing and the Nursing and Midwifery Council. As a health professional I am accountable for what I say and do. This is the difference between qualified health professionals and members of the public talking about menopause.

Since November 2021 Bourne2Care is now a recognised service provider and registered manager regulated by the Care Quality Commission – Reg no. 10908439115

Are private prescriptions expensive?

They are slightly more expensive than an NHS one, but most HRT items aren’t that much. We order HRT via an online pharmacy with 2 popular HRT medications costing approximately £12 per item per month. As we use an online pharmacy shortages of HRT are a rare occurrence.

Do you give discounts?

We do provide discounts for initial consultations to anyone working within the NHS, Fire, Police and Ambulance services as we are very committed to supporting public services with menopause.


We ask that you provide as much notice as possible for any appointment cancellations. If we are unable to fill any cancellations made within 11 hours of your appointment, we may charge for late cancellation.