Diane is a Registered Nurse practitioner, Independent Prescriber and registered with both the British and International Menopause Societies. She founded Bourne2Care in 2013 and has been supporting menopausal women with all types of symptoms since 2017.

Following a career of over 30 years in nursing, she has worked all over the world including Emergency Departments in Abu Dhabi and the Royal Army of Oman. Returning to the UK in 2009 she moved to The Isle of Man and then relocated to Worcestershire to be closer to family and friends.

Diane rarely wears a uniform for her work however supporting women through menopause is the most rewarding work she says she has ever done and is committed to continuing to support women and businesses with menopause support and provide training. She believes that menopause support should be delivered by highly qualified menopause nurse professionals and while over the last few years much has improved there is still a long way to go and she is certainly here for the long run.

As a finalist in both the 2022 Worcestershire Health & Social Care awards in the Good Nurse Category and The Women’s Business Awards and appearances on ITV and Channel 5 it’s certainly an exciting year for Diane so watch this space.

Diane lives in Worcestershire with her family and dog and loves eating cake and wishes she could swim every day. She is also going through the menopause and takes HRT so understands first-hand how the menopause can make you feel.