Bourne2care have undertaken training with National Autistic Society and are registered on their website to support women during the menopause. We have had training on ADHD in the Menopause, researched how hormones affect women and have first-hand experience of Autism and ADHD. We have provided training to ADHD health care professionals on the menopause, HRT and how changing hormones impact women’s mental health. As Independent Nurse Prescribers we have knowledge on pharmacology, healthcare, assessing women’s health and providing education.

Bourne2care are qualified in menopause but are not specialists in Neurodiversity (ND). With experience we are seeing common patterns of how menopause impacts ND women. Information for contacting Autistic/ADHD services will always be provided. Seeking professional ND support is essential.

Many women who have ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Tourette’s Syndrome and Dyspraxia tell us how the menopause significantly impacts their ability to work and cope day to day. As they are protected disabilities under Equality Act 2010 employers need to understand how menopause can impact neurodivergent women. More and more women are realising they could be ND and training on ND during the menopause can be a real light bulb moment. The feedback from organisations has highlighted how vital this training is.

Bourne2care deliver training by senior nurse practitioners highly experienced in medicine, hormones, pharmacology and have some training in Neurodiversity. We will ensure that menopause training is tailed to provide you with practical advice and specific information to help neurodivergent women. Our training within the workplace ensures that as an employer you can learn how to adapt and support your neurodivergent colleagues during the menopause. We’ll provide you with practical advice, understanding how menopausal symptoms may differ for ND women and how you can continue to support your colleagues. If you are a ND woman; understanding how hormonal changes impact your mental health and quality of life really can improve your quality of life.