Menopause Talks

A bespoke service which is tailored entirely to your specific requirements. Whether it’s a 1-hour information session during a lunch break for your employees or a full day dealing with all aspects of menopause as an employer/employee.

Examples of areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • What is the menopause. Introduction, descriptions/definitions, stages etc
  • HRT. What it is, how it works, do we need it?
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Relationships, personal and working.
  • Employer Support
  • Menopause Just for Men.
  • Too embarrassed to mention? Vaginal symptoms, low libido.


Working collaboratively to ensure the health and wellbeing of your employees is your number one priority.

Prices start from

£350 for a bespoke online 1-hour session with a 40-minute presentation and 20 minute Q&A session

£445 for a bespoke face to face 1 hour session with a 40-minute presentation and 20 minute Q&A session

Well Being Events

If you are considering an employee wellness event Bourne2Care are happy to attend to support you with all aspects of female health & wellbeing

As each event is different, please email to discuss your requirements


As an organisation are you supporting your female employees in the best way possible?

I have over 30 years nursing experience and many years as a senior nurse practitioner. Using my knowledge of health and menopause; I am able able to work with you to improve your employee's wellbeing.

Areas that I have worked with other corporate clients include:

  • Why you have a high rate of absenteeism and the things that can be done to reduce this
  • How you can remove the stigma around menopause in the workplace
  • Working with your HR team to create policies and procedures
  • Helping create a better place to work
  • Demonstrating that you take female health and well-being seriously within your organisation
  • Articles for your company magazines/forums/Intranet
  • 1-2-1 meetings with staff
  • Importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle including exercise and weight management
  • Creating Menopause Champions within the workplace
  • Importance of stress management & mental wellbeing within the workplace

As each organisation is different each package is tailored to your specific needs. To discuss your requirements please email