During the menopause our female hormone levels fluctuate and fall giving us lots of unwelcome symptoms. Lower hormones can be seen as early as our mid 30’s however, most symptoms start in our early-mid 40’s. If you’ve had gynaecological surgery and had your womb or your ovaries removed your female hormone levels could be very low giving you lots of symptoms like brain fog, exhaustion or low libido.

Knowing what levels your female hormones are can really help you navigate your menopause. Often women say at least I know why I have these symptoms; it all makes sense now!

Who can have them?

Anyone can!

You’re taking HRT but it doesn’t seem to be helping. You want to see if the HRT your taking is being absorbed. If you’re not taking HRT but would love to know what your female hormones levels are why not book a blood test?

What will blood Tests Show?

All blood is taken from a vein in your arm, this will provide the most accurate results. A registered Nurse will visit you at home or work, take the bloods, post them to the lab and the results will be available a few days later. They will show us if your female your hormone levels are high, low or are within an effective range. You can decide if you’d like to start HRT, if you need a HRT review or you’re just interested in understanding what your female hormone levels are.

Most women say how pleased they were having blood tests. If often provides reassurance and understanding as to why you aren’t feeling your best; suddenly it all makes sense!

To book blood tests with us please email enquiries@bourne2care.co.uk and we’ll forward information to you.