During the menopause hormone levels fall leaving us with many symptoms. Low levels of Oestrogen to the genitourinary tract can cause not end of problems.

Vaginal dryness, itchiness, soreness, painful sex or difficult penetration can make having sex uncomfortable or impossible. But the effects on the urinary system can cause infections, urgency, stress incontinence or a combination of both.

The severity of symptoms is different for everyone; from minor dryness while wearing tight jeans or having sex or the inability to wear trousers or sit for long periods of time.

Seeing health care professionals who are qualified in menopause and pelvic floor/vaginal health are very important.

Symptoms are often due to lack of Oestrogen. Most women can use vaginal oestrogens; they are safe and very effective.

However, even with systemic HRT and higher doses of vaginal oestrogens some women have very significant vaginal, vulval and urinary symptoms. Your GP can refer you to secondary care but there are other options to read about and see if they would benefit you.

There are other options.

Vaginal Rejuvenation using CO2 laser has been around for 30 years for the treatment of the vagina and vulva and published articles have hailed the treatment as success in treating vaginal atrophy, laxity, dryness and in improving stress incontinence and urinary leakage (those ‘oops’ moments!). CO2 laser also helps restore the correct pH balance within the vagina eliminating unhealthy bacteria and infectors.

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