Over the last few years there has been an explosion of “Menopause specialists and Menopause products”. Suddenly lots of women and organisations are providing menopause support, advice on taking HRT and products that may benefit you during the menopause.

I’m always cautious; wondering how so many women and organisations can be knowledgeable in menopause. If they are advising you on your health and HRT surely they must have a medical background? Some will but many won’t!

It does feel like “The Wild West” out there and if the word “menopause” is added to a products or service, you’ll see the price go up. What are your views on this?

Starting Point.

Where do you start and who should you talk to? A recent poll on Bourne2care Facebook page indicated most women would talk to their friends before a seeing health professional. Your close friends may have noticed changes in your physical and emotional health; things you may not have noticed. And as we know talking it your best friends helps in lots of ways!

But who else can you talk to?

NHS Services.

If you need advice always talk to your healthcare provider ie your GP, pharmacist or nurse. Of course, not all health care professionals will be able to offer you the level of menopause and HRT support that you need but they are qualified healthcare professionals and should be your first port of call. They follow standards of care, are heavily regulated and are 100% accountable for everything they say, do and prescribe.

If you’d like to pay for menopause services, where do you start?

Private Menopause Services.

We’ve all been tricked by “fancy” website’s, fake reviews and have wondered if this is too good to be true? I’ve fallen for them; I think we all have, whether it’s clothing, products or services.

This can be the same for some private menopause services. The devil’s in the detail. If a menopause website has a disclaimer (and you may have to hunt in the small print) “We give advice but always see a health care professional.” Are they qualified to be giving health and menopause advice? What happens if- • You’ve paid a lot of money for private menopause/HRT advice then you find out it isn’t correct? • What if your GP doesn’t agree with the advice you’ve been given, what now? • What if you want to complain?

Who is regulating their service?

How do you know the advice they are giving is accurate and where are they getting their advice from? I’ll leave that with you…

Where to Turn?

Questions to ask. A good place to start is to see if they have a medical background. Are they a qualified nurse, or doctor and do they have legitimate menopause qualifications? Would a short online course be sufficient to be “qualified in menopause?” What about their level of experience in menopause care? How many years have they been qualified in menopause? How long have they been providing health advice/care and to whom?

Look to see if they have British Menopause Society or the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health qualifications in menopause care. Health care professionals are heavily regulated, follow professional codes of practice and are 100% accountable for everything they say and do. Medical establishments will be CQC registered. If you have complaints or want a second opinion, they have policies and practices to follow to ensure you get the care you need. But do other menopause services?

What good Menopause Care Looks Like.

There are many private menopause services like Bourne2care that can help you. What you should look for; If they prescribe medications, diagnose or manage menopause they will be regulated by the CQC. Read CQC reports, read online reviews and has someone recommended their service to you? Are their costs easy to see on their website?

Help from Bourne2care.

We strive to improve our services and care based on feedback and changes in menopause care. Bourne2care is a member of the British Menopause Society (BMS) and my menopause qualifications are through the BMS. I also attend their annual conference’s.
Most women I see have heard about my services from a friend or colleague and word of mouth is a great place to start. But what about my reviews? I’ve quite a few and they have all given me 5* Bourne2care are 100% accountable for medications they prescribe, advice they give and don’t have a disclaimer within their website.

We will:

• Listen to you. • Give you time to explain how you feel and to understand your symptoms. • Provide individualised menopause advise and HRT. This is assessing your personal and family health, medications you take, your symptoms and together deciding what advice, treatment and for some women what HRT is needed. Plus much more. • Discussing and explaining how HRT works, different types of HRT, how your body changes through the menopause and beyond. • How you can improve your health. • Recommending other qualified professionals who can provide support. • Explanation of the menopause related to your health. • Time to digest and decide what you’d like to do. • How the menopause impacts family life, your relationships and going to work.

Take Home tips.

• When seeking private services word of mouth is very helpful. • Ensure private services have nursing, doctor, physio, pharmacist training/qualifications. • Check out their menopause qualifications and level of experience in healthcare. If in doubt ask to see their certificates and check out their levels of training. • Good care is individualised and gives you time to explain how menopause has affected you! • If you have menopause symptoms get a review or see another menopause specialist. • The right menopause advice and support can be life changing and improve your quality of life.

To find out how Bourne2care can help you please email