Is it normal to forget things? Well, we all do it but when should we be worried? We often don’t notice until we forget something important or forget someone’s name. It’s embarrassing but if this happens over and over? What should you do?

Women are always asking me;

• What has happened to my brain?

• Why do I forget simple things?

• Why does it take me a while to remember colleagues name?

• I’m worried I’ll loose my job

• What is wrong with me?

• Is this the start of Dementia?

The menopause is the most likely reason women during mid-life become forgetful.

Brain fog, walking through treacle, forgetfulness.

I knew my brain fog was due to the menopause and this was one of the main reasons I started on HRT. For me HRT was a game changer. After 5 weeks of being on HRT I realised I could recall all those odd facts and my brain was sharper than ever.

Women often fear it’s the start of something more sinister like Alzheimer’s or a brain tumour and this can be very scary indeed. But the probability is that there is more straight forward explanation.

Most likely causes;

• Menopause. The most obvious cause is lack of Oestrogen and or Testosterone. As our levels of female hormones fall during menopause; symptoms of menopause occur.

• Poor sleep. This is very common during the menopause so thinking about your sleep hygiene can really help. Going to bed roughly the same time each night and waking each day can help you wake feeling refreshed. Regular sleep patterns help keep us in our circadian cycle.

• Deficiencies? Worth talking to your GP to see if your levels of certain hormones, minerals or vitamins are low? Vitamin B12 is important for many things including boosting brain Serotonin levels. but do your research.

• Skipping meals? You may not feel hungry but the reduced levels of blood sugars will be impacting on your stamina and ability to function. Fluctuating blood sugar levels can cause tiredness, poor focus and concentration.

Top Tips.

The most likely cause of poor memory is due to the menopause, so get in touch!!!

HRT can make a huge difference.

Good bedtime routines.

Don’t eat too late or go to bed on a full stomach.

Do eat small amounts of healthy food on a regular basis.

Practice mindfulness or meditation to help you sleep.

Always discuss any problems with your Health Care Professional and let them advise you.

If you’d like to talk about memory problems and menopause; why not book a consultation with Bourne2care? If you’d like to know how HRT could improve your memory or if you’d like to have blood tests we can help you too.

Please email to book a consultation or blood tests.